NITROFX Forex Trading System

NitroFX is a unique and profitable Buy/Sell Signals forex trading system based on offline MT4 Renko charts!

(Make Sure Your Speakers are ON)

NitroFX will make your analysis much more precise and your trades more accurate.

Thanks to the smart trend analysis calculation mechanism, you will be able to recognize trending markets in just seconds and you will be able to open transactions in line with the big traders.

NitroFX will also tell you when to take a break from trading (flat market) on particular instruments.


Boost Your Charts with NITRO Trader!

Are you ready for a complete change of your chart perspective?

Are you ready to abandon numerous of indicators for a clean chart, and at the same time increase the effectiveness of your trading?

Our method will direct your eyes to what really counts in the forex.

You do not have to look anything else! The whole thing can be defined in three words: simple, clean and effective.

Smooth Charts Within One Minute!

All you have to do is to put Nitro Trader on your chart. Few seconds later you will be able to enjoy simplified analysis and clear entries!

You will understand how the largest banks and financial institutions move the market and where you can join them to earn hundreds of pips!

NitroFX Transforms your Forex Charts In a Pips Making Machine Instantly!

nitrofx system

nitrofx renko

nitrofx renko system

Nitro Trader FX will make your charts simple and very readable.

You will be able to make easy and quick analyzes and your trades will turn into pure pleasure!

Our method works in a similar way to renko, but it shows a smoother market.

This allows for better trend recognition and also easier avoiding the consolidation.

AND MOST INTERESTING…  NITROFX will provide you with laser-accurate forex trading signals!

NITROFX In Action!

Trading signals from NitroFX are utterly simple to trade:

A buy trade occurs when the bottom trend indicator is colored BLUE and a BLUE arrow appears on the chart!

Conversely, a sell trade occurs when the bottom trend indicator is colored WHITE and a WHITE arrow appears on the chart!

Check out some more examples…

The trend is bullish (blue bottom bars). We will be trading the blue arrows and ignore the white arrows. The chart above generated 3 winning trades!

The trend is mixed here (blue and white bottom bars). We will be trading both the blue and white arrows.

  • Buy signal: Blue bottom trend bar + blue arrow on chart
  • Sell signal: White bottom trend bar + white arrow on chart

Nitro Trader Trading strategy eliminates the emotions of trading, significantly reduces trading risk, and signals you to powerful trading opportunities before they become obvious to the naked eye.

It catches strong mini trends before they even form and reveals the best trade opportunities to you.

Become A Profitable Forex Trader Today!

Start using the NitroFX forex system today with unique charts, it doesn’t matter if you failed college and have zero qualifications, or if you got straight A’s and a PhD from Harvard, the buy and sell NitroFX trading signals are the same for everyone!

What You’ll Get:

  • Complete NitroFX Trading System
  • Built for Metatrader 4 (MT4 for PC and Laptop, MT4 for MAC)
  • Works on Forex, BitCoin, Stocks, Metals,…
  • 100% plug and play, 100% no repaint, just hit the ground running
  • Simple Chart Analysis

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