Mostafa Belkhayate Trading System

Mostafa Belkhayate trading system is a very simple and easily adaptable strategy for any trader (from beginner to pro) to trade with.

This trading strategy is based on some custom made technical indicators and works fine with almost every type of (major or cross) currency pair.

Although this trading method shows results at every time frame, the recommended timeframe is the 1-hour chart.

Tools/features used at this system:

  • MBFX trading system
  • MBFX timing indicator
  • MBFX Belkhayate Timing

This trading system is mainly based on the MBFX trading system indicator where the other two indicators (MBFX timing indicator and MBFX Belkhayate Timing) at the independent window below the main chart are used for confirmation.

MBFX trading system indicator mainly uses market data and a mathematical formula that is related to the golden ratio 1.618, which is very effective at the forex market for price retracement.

This indicator has 7 dynamic lines, the centerline is blue (pivot), the three (above the centerline) act as resistance and the other three (below the centerline) act as support lines.

MBFX timing indicator is a modified version of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator has a range between 0-100 and 30,50 and 70 levels are marked.

The signal line of this indicator changes color with the price movement (green at bullish, orange at bearish, and yellow at sideway).

The other MBFX Belkhayate Timing indicator has a range between 15 to -15 where 4,8 (sell zone) at the upside and -4,-8 (buy zone) at the downside of the central (0) level are marked.

When the price reaches the reversal zones based on the MBFX trading system check the other two before place an order.

Before place, a buy order we must confirm the signal line of the MBFX timing indicator is at or near the 70 levels and the MBFX Belkhayate Timing indicators reading is near 4 or 8 levels and vice versa.

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