Infinite Storm EA – [Cost $150]

Infinite Storm EA is a safe (not sure about that) and fully automated expert advisor that analyzes market trends and price movements and uses that data to achieve a high rate of winning trades.

Every order has StopLoss (sometimes virtual), and EA has implemented excellent filtering functions with spread and slippage protections. The good thing about this EA is it does NOT use any of the dangerous strategies like Martingale, Grid, or Arbitrage. Also, This EA is fully customizable by the user.


  • Adapt your own risk settings according to the account equity and always verify with back-test
  • VPS server with small delays is recommended
  • Best on EURUSD H1 timeframe and default settings are optimized for it (but work with other pairs or time-frame still avoid high volatile pairs with insufficient market liquidity like XAUUSD)
  • A minimum deposit of 100 USD
  • True ECN broker with low spread


Infinite Storm EA settings

General Settings

  • Magic – Magic number – MUST be unique for each chart
  • CommentOrders – Optional – Custom comment for orders

Risk Settings

  • FixedLotSize – Fixed size of the Lot to trade (UseAutoLot has to be disabled)
  • StopLoss – Stop loss in points
  • UseVirtualSL – Enable/Disable Virtual stop loss (recommended is disable – “false”)
  • TakeProfit – Take profit in points

Risk Settings – Automatic Lot

  • UseAutoLot – Enable/disable automatic lot size calculation base don account balance and StopLoss
  • RiskInPercentOfBalance – Risk in percent of account balance
  • MaxLotSize – Maximum size of the lot

Infinite Storm Specific Settings

  • PredictorDistance – Main parameter to determine the trend and price movements
  • PredictorMultiplier – Determines the number of cycles to analyse trend and price movements
  • PointsToleranceL – Tolerance for trend and price movements (Low tolerance)
  • PointsToleranceH – Tolerance for trend and price movements (High tolerance)

BreakEven + Trailing Settings

  • UseBreakEvenTrail – Enable/Disable Break Even + Trailing Stop
  • PointsBE1 – Break Even 1st level in points
  • PointsBE2 – Break Even 2nd level in points
  • PointsLockBE – Points lock in profit after Break Even (but it is also combined with the 2nd level of Break Even)
  • PointsTrailingDist – Trailing Distance in Points
  • PointsTrailingStep – Trailing Step in Points

Info Panel Settings

  • ShowInfoPanel – Show/Hide Info Panel
  • PanelBackgroundColor – Info Panel background color
  • DefaultFontColor – Info Panel main font color
  • PanelHeaderColor – Info Panel Header background color
  • HeaderFontColor – Info Panel Header font color

Other Settings

  • UseSpreadProtection – Enable/Disable spread protection
  • MaxSpread – Max spread in points (Running mean spread)
  • MaxSlippage – Max slippage for positions to open
  • EnablePushNotifyStatus – Enable/disable sending EA status via Push notifications (interval of notification set by StatusIntervalInHours)
  • StatusIntervalInHours – Interval in hours for EA status message (Printed to the Expert tab)

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