Build A Career In Forex Trading – Learn Fundamental Analysis Course

Become a Professional Fundamental Analyst

Learn What Most Forex Traders Won’t Learn

and Earn When Most Traders Can’t

The main reason majority of Forex traders fail is because they do not understand Fundamental Analysis

  • To work at a Forex Trading Firm as A Proprietory trader you must master fundamental Analysis

  • To Work as a Currency Analyst you Must master Fundamental Analysis

  • To Work as a Currency Researcher you must master Fundamental Analysis

  • To be a long term successful Forex money manager you must master Fundamental Analysis

Mastering Fundamental analysis is what will make you a professional trader and if you decide to look for employment as a trader knowledge of fundamental analysis is necessary

  • When you take this course you will learn the secrets to fundamental trading that only professional and proprietory traders know.

  • You will learn Fundamental analysis in a simple easy to understand manner (you don’t need a degree in economics)

  • You will learn how to use correlation to predict the outcome of fundamental announcement making money in the process

  • Learn how to predict the results for the Nonfarm payrolls announcement

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to make money trading the news like an institutional trader

  • Learn to make money trading the Nonfarm Payrolls announcement

  • Learn how to predict the GDP results using correlation

  • Learn how to predict the CPI results, the Durable Goods results

  • Get a broad understanding of interest rates, inflation and central banks and how they affect the market

  • Learn how to use the Retail Sales, PPI, PMI and other fundamental announcements to improve your trading

  • Understand what is sentiment, risk aversion, risk appetite and how these can impact your trading

  • Learn the five major us Fundamentals

  • Get a deep understanding of economic indicators and how professional traders use them to make money

  • Learn how to make money trading oil

  • Get a broad understanding of how oil prices affect the Forex Market

  • Learn the reasons why oil prices have fallen and the factors that affect oil prices

  • Learn what is OPEC and how you can make money from their meetings

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