PSAR Oscillator MTF Heatmap Indicator

This indicator is a multi-time span Parabolic SAR indicator which utilises 1 and 4-hour charts. The utilisation of this indicator is very basic. Suppose the LifeTime line is green, at that point buy.

Besides, if it turns red, then it means not trade at all or sell.

The trader’s approach is straightforward. Take the trade when all indicators are green or red. Instantly after one indicator changes, at that point, reconsider utilising your ordinary process.

For example, price action, to decide if to close the trade or proceed.

Step by step download and installation instructions of an indicator

  • Snap-on the “Download Indicator” button, situated at the lower part of the screen.
  • Save the file to your PC.
  • Extract and move the file into the MT4>Indicator organiser of the MetaTrader5 programming document registry.
  • Restart your Metatrader platform.
  • Explore “Indicators.”
  • Furthermore, select the “PSAR Oscillator MTF Heatmap MT4 Indicator” layout to apply it on the chart.

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