3 Forex Signals Providers To Get Familiar With

With Forex signals dominating the market, more traders are searching for the perfect provider. Distinguishing reputable sources in such a saturated environment can prove difficult.

Our team of experts are here to separate fact from fiction. Discover what Forex signals are all about and find the most trusted providers.

What are Forex Signals?

Forex signals are really a “head’s up” to those in the financial world. Based on price and time, when a particular currency pair reaches an advantageous price at a particular time a forex signal will notify or suggest traders to buy or sell.

Forex signals can be generated through algorithms, analysts, or a combination of the two. These signals help traders find the best time to buy or sell. The majority of these strategies are based on short-term trade.

These signals operate on a free or subscription service depending on the provider. Be wary of the provider that you choose. The financial market is always shifting and forex, in particular, is highly influenced by the global market.

Many services guarantee results and profits but an experienced trader will recognize when they’re getting a good deal and when they’re being duped.

The most experienced traders ascribe to the top Forex trading tips to develop their own strategy instead of blindly following the signals.

That being said, a reputable provider and honed strategy can help traders make their profit.

We’ve provided a guide to the best Forex signal providers in the industry to help you make informed decisions.


For the past twenty years, Forexsignal.com has been providing signals to their subscribers. Since 1998, subscribers have been logging into their accounts to determine the best times to buy and sell.

Forexsignal.com is cloud-based and also allows experienced traders to track medium and long-term trends. Choose between basic access at $69/month or total access, including signals sent directly to your MT4 trading account, for $99/month.

FX Market Leaders

FX Market Leaders operate on more than just signals but work to educate traders on the best strategies for courses, trader guides, and informative articles.

Traders can check out short-term and long-term signals for free on FX Market Leaders or subscribe to an account for 1 month, 3 months, or an entire year. Accounts begin at $39.90 for basic access.

Dux Forex

Dux Forex is a well-known provider with a small monthly fee. With award-winning customer service and the ability to pair currency, they have been one of the top providers for years.

Choose from $4.99 for one month, $47 for one year, or a three-year package for $112. All packages include email and sound alerts as well as mobile support.

Knowledge is Power

Signals are an ever-changing landscape. What’s a great strategy today may be considered outdated tomorrow? Stay up to date with the latest trading news, tips, and tricks on our blog.

If you’re looking for additional reading, we have dozens of books and courses available to help you become an even more successful trader. Commit to your success by understanding the market inside and out.

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