Download Driver EURUSD EA – [Cost $89]

Driver EURUSD EA opens deals based on three indicators MA, Envelopes, and Driver(included) under specific conditions. If the price does not go towards TP, additional trades are opened to block the unprofitable one after certain limits are reached.

When a particular target of profit in money is reached, all orders are closed.

Developers claim this EA to have around 50% drawdown, and it’s relatively accurate. This EA mainly optimized for EURUSD on the M5 timeframe. Driver EURUSD EA doesn’t have many complicated settings for you to optimize.


  • Obviously it optimized to work on EURUSD but it works fine with other pairs
  • M5 timeframe Only
  • Be patient! this EA doesn’t trade all the time. It will go without taking trades for up to 48H
  • Recommend running this EA 24/5
  • Lot of 0.1, the recommended balance for
    • Cent account – $ 100
    • Standard accounts – $ 1000.


Driver EURUSD EA settings








  • For a standard account, star_lot is 0.01, then increment is 0.02 (how much to add to the next order), tp_in_money is 4.75 (take profit in money)
  • For a cent account star_lot is 0.1, then increment is 0.2, tp_in_money is 47.5

In general, if you want to tinker with settings these three parameters are only available.

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