Budak Ubat EA – [Cost $699]

Budak Ubat EA works using a series of indicators, mainly the RSI. This is an EA that uses martingale, so use with caution. But Budak Ubat gives you the ability to change the multiplier parameter, which allows it to decrease the martingale level. Thus, you determine the risk level you want.

Unlike most of the other martingale, EA’s This doesn’t place random entries, rather it is riding on market movement RSI > 50. If the market moved the opposite direction after the first entry, the next entry is compounded by the multiplier.

Please test in a demo account first for at least a week. Also, Make yourself familiar and understand how Budak Ubat EA works, then only use it in a real account.


  • Best on M15 Timeframe
  • Recommended to use on EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, and EURJPY (Work best on EURUSD)
  • Minimum of $200 cent Account for each pair


Budak Ubat EA settings

  • StartingLots
    It is the lot size entered for the first layer
  • TakeProfit
    The EA will modify its TP point to BreakEven point + (TP input) everytime it enter a trade
  • Layer_Multiplier
    The value of the multiplier. The EA will Multiply the lot for the next layer based on this input.
  • AutoCompound
    If the input is True, the EA will recognize its StartingLot based on your equity per 10,000.
    Lot = StartingLot x Equity/10000
  • MaxTrades
    The max layer limit.
  • Identifier
    It is a Magic Number.


  • Risk Multiplier: Don’t get misled by the name. Anything other than Safe is dangerous! Remember, this isn’t gambling. Instead, we’re here to make a constant profit, albeit small, and in this case, capital preservation is of utmost importance. So use a small one
  • Money Management – Don’t use this Budak Ubat EA with less than 10,000 in equity (equivalent to USD100 in Cent account). And I mean it! Martingale is all about calculated risk and playing with probability until you hit profit. Therefore you need a lot in equity to use this technique.
  • TimeFrame: The developers recommend M5. When market trends in the opposite direction, Budak Ubat EA keeps on opening entries every (n)TF time. Thus, if your capital is limited, frequent intervention is needed to adjust higher TF to save your account. When it opens more than 10layers/ entries or margin% is down to 10,000%, that’s the time to increase your TF setting. M15 might be the most reasonable.

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